UW Medicine Compliance Learning Portal

Welcome to the Compliance Learning Portal (CLP)!

Who May Use the CLP

The CLP is a learning management system for use by UW and UW Medicine workforce members who lack an active account in the UW Medicine LMS or VMC Percipio LMS. Contact your Supervisor, Department Director/Administrator or email UW Medicine Compliance for additional information.

Available modules:

How to Use the CLP

Trainees must register to create a profile in the CLP, and then login.

Some helpful information to get you started:

  • Compatible Web Browers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (9 or later), Safari (7 or later)
  • Compatible Mobile Devices: Apple iOS7 (or later) or Android OS4.1 (or later)
  • Requires Adobe Flash Player (current and enabled)
  • Ad Blockers: Must be disabled


Contact us at:
Phone: 206.543.3098

For UW Medicine Compliance related questions:
Fax: 206.221.5172
Email: comply@uw.edu